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  • Lost Planet 2 gets Dead Rising and Monster Hunter characters

    Famitsu has revealed through some screenshots that Lost Planet 2 is getting more than just Wesker, Dom and Marcus.

  • Peace Walker/Monster Hunter team-up gets screened

    Want to know what Monster Hunter looks like in Metal Gear Sold: Peace Walker? Well, here you are.

  • Big Peace Walker announcement is Monster Hunter collaboration

    Nope, you’re eyes do not deceive you. Monster Hunter is coming to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

  • Capcom feels Monster Hunter: Frontier could “succeed” overseas

    Capcom’s Keiji Inafune has told Famitsu that he believes Monster Hunter: Frontier Online could “succeed” oversea.

  • Japan getting multi-coloured PSPs for Christmas

    SCEJ just announced five new PSP bundles for Japan, featuring white, blue, black, red and Monster Hunter shades. See them on Kotaku. The non-game bundles are ¥19,800 (US$219.50). The Monster Hunter Pack’s ¥18,500 ($205). They’re all out in December.

  • Monster Hunter spin-off announced for PSP, involves cats

    Capcom announced a spin-off of Monster Hunter for the PSP over the weekend at an event in Japan. The full title of it isn’t known in English, but it does involve creatures from the series, “airu”. Find the full video of the reveal after the break, thanks to Kotaku.

  • Doors to Capcom’s Monster Hunter Gathering Hall open July 3

    Capcom’s Monster Hunter Gathering Hall will have its doors flung wide come July 3 at the Lazarides Gallery in London. Three floors of space should be plenty of room for you to mingle and enjoy the free sodas, art, and people playing Monster Hunter on Ad-Hoc. Hours of operation are from 10am to 8pm, seven […]

  • Capcom to “get serious” on European Monster Hunter

    Capcom’s told MCV it’s to “get serious” about Monster Hunter in Europe. “What has been lacking in Europe in the past with the Monster Hunter series is definitely the promotion,” said producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. “The PR and marketing for the last two titles in the series have been very limited, but this time we’re taking […]

  • Shadow of the Colossus + Monster Hunter = Lost Planet 2?

    OXM (via CVG) has a few new details on Capcom’s slightly thawed shooter sequel, and — at least to us — it sounds a bit like Sony’s Shadow of the Colossus with some Monster Hunter thrown in for good measure. “Lost Planet 2 will put a huge emphasis on your responsibility to your team,” said […]

  • Monster Hunter Freedom 2G ships 3 million units

    Capcom’s announced that Monster Hunter Freedom 2G and Monster Hunter Freedom 2G PSP the Best have shipped three million units between them in Japan since last March. Last year, Monster Hunter Freedom 2G sold more than any other game in the Japanese market, the now infamous adhoc “Party for PlayStation Portable” pushing the game hard. […]

  • PSP passes 10 million sales in Japan

    According to Famitsu – via Kotaku – PSP has now sold more than 10 million hardware units in Japan. The figure was attained between the launch date of December 12, 2004 and August 24, 2008. The top five bestselling games for the machine were also released. Capcom must be pleased. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G […]