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  • No More Heroes 3 will happen if fans want it, says Suda-51

    Grasshopper boss Goichi Suda has told NowGamer that although No More Heroes 2 will be the winding-up of the story of Travis Touchdown, he will do NMH3. But there’s a catch, kids.

  • Suda-51 “will make” new IPs for Natal, Arc

    Grasshopper Manufacture boss Goichi Suda has told GameSpot he “will make” new IPs that are compatible with Project Natal and PlayStation Arc.

  • Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka joins Grasshopper Manufacture

    It has been revealed to Famitsu that former-Konami composer Akira Yamaoka is now making music for Grasshopper Manufacture. And Goichi Suda is pleased.

  • Watch Goichi Suda “get down” with Just Dance

    Just because Ubisoft released Just Dance! back in November, doesn’t mean that it’s still not being promoted. There’s a video after the break of Goichi Suda shaking his ‘thang to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” to get the word out.

  • No More Heroes finished with Wii until next version of the console

    Grasshopper Manufacture’s Goichi Suda has told 1UP that No More Heroes 2 would be the last game in the series on Wii, until the next version of the console is released. “Looking at the Wii, I think No More Heroes 2 will probably be the last iteration for this current platform,” he told the site. […]

  • Suda adds Alex Ward to favourite designer list

    Grasshopper boss Goichi Suda has a new favourite games designer. It’s Criterion games boss Alex Ward. “I have four favorite game designers,” Suda told 1UP. “Erik [Chahi, Out of This World creator] is one of them. I’m not sure if he’s the number one, but he’s one of them. “There used to be three, but […]

  • No More Heroes 2 getting January release, contest

    Ubisoft has sent word that No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle will be released in the in January. Good to hear. Now just give us an exact date. GameStop says January 26. In the meantime, while you wait with baited breath, the Wii exclusive has a contest going on where players can submit a custom […]

  • Suda, Hino and Mizuguchi agree that E3 was all about motion control

    Grasshopper Manufacture’s Goichi Suda, Level-5′s Akihiro Hino, and Q Entertainment’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi chat about E3 in the latest Famitsu, and all seem to agree that motion control stole the show. “Hardware-wise, it was all about Project Natal,” Suda told the magazine. “It’s hard to really understand it unless you use it, and it remains to […]

  • “Middle audience” next to provide growth in Japan – Suda

    Suda 51′s told GI that Japanese games sales will be revived by an as yet untapped “middle audience”. Why not? “There are a lot of core gamers, and a lot of lighter users playing on platforms such as the DS – but there’s nothing in-between,” said the Grasshopper boss, speaking at this year’s Nordic Game. […]

  • Suda 51 did not set limits with No More Heroes 2

    Ubisoft sat down with Goichi Suda during E3 and talked to him about Grasshopper Manufacture’s No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. During the chat, Suda 51 discussed Travis Touchdown’s maturity, character interaction with players, the themes of life and death in the game, and how setting limits is something he avoided when creating the sequel. […]

  • Spaceballs and Jackass: The Movie were an inspiration for No More Heroes

    Goichi Suda told attendees at the Nordic Game Conference that many different films and actors inspired Grasshopper Manufature’s No More Heroes – most notably Dirty Harry, Jackass: The Movie, and Spaceballs. During Suda’s presentation titled “The Birth of No More Heroes”, he showed films clips from  movies that prompted the ideas prevalent in the game. […]

  • Inafune and Suda51 to speak at Nordic Game 2009

    Capcom’s Keiji Inafune and Grasshopper’s Goichi Suda will both speak at Nordic Game this year, the event’s announced. “Having Keiji Inafune and Goichi Suda join Nordic Game this year highlights the strong and growing relationship between the Japanese and Nordic games communities” said NG boss Tom Felices, “and will offer attendees a unique opportunity to […]