Backwards Compatibility

False Xbox One “backwards compatibility” information on the net can brick your console

Xbox One owners who use the system’s developer tool menus to try making the console backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games could end up bricking their console, according to Major Nelson. The reason the warning was issued in the first place, is due to an image making a round or three on the Internet. The […]

Backwards Compatibility headlines

  • Xbox One: "If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards," says Mattrick

    Xbox One won’t be backwards compatible, and it’s not like anyone was expecting it to be, really; however, according to Microsoft’s Don Mattrick, such thinking is “backwards” anyway.

  • SCEJ looking into cheap downloads intuitive for PSP-Vita BC

    Sony is planning to introduce a new intuitive for PSP owners looking to bring their games to Vita. According to the latest Dengeki, SCEJ is looking into a deal where PSP owners can get downloads of their PSP UMD games for a special price, although no more details on the potential offer was confirmed in […]

  • Wii re-design dumps backwards compatibility

    Support for both GameCube games and hardware is being ejected by Nintendo for its upcoming Wii re-design. Merry Christmas. [Update] Eurogamer has reported that, in addition, the existing Wii model will be phased out.

  • Tretton would have liked backwards compatibility in PS3

    SCEA CEO Jack Tretton said in a roundtable with journalists at E3 today that he would have liked to have had backwards compatibility in PlayStation 3, but the company has made its decision and is sticking with it. He explained that Sony did “not take a greater hit on production cost without losing PlayStation’s heritage” […]

  • Sony: backwards compatability is "important to us"

    According to this, the latest issue of EGM carries an interview with Sony US’s SVP of marketing, in which he says, backward compatibility is “important to us”. In the same piece, PlayStation Network director Eric Lempell said that PS2 games may yet be offered over PSN for PS3: “We haven’t talked about that yet, but […]