Destiny: Bungie gives up new world, class & plot details

Friday, 10th May 2013 10:53 GMT By Dave Cook

Destiny developer Bungie has updated the shooter’s official website with a slew of new information regarding three game classes – Hunter, Warlock and Titan – and the universe at large.

The site update takes the form of a slideshow that takes you through many different plot elements and faction profiles.

On Warlocks the site reads, “Warlocks have long studied the Traveler, mastering some of its arcane energies. Its true purpose still remains a great mystery, but discovering truth has always driven you into the unknown. Now, our enemies are the only thing that stands between you and the lost wonders of our Golden Age.”

The Titans sound particularly tough, “The first Titans built the Wall, and gave their lives to defend it. Now, you stand in the same high place, steadfast and sure, protecting all who shelter in your shadow. You hail from a long line of heroes, forged from strength and sacrifice. Our enemies may be deadly and merciless, but so are you.”

Hunters on the other hand sound like roaming wanderers, and seem adept at living off the land, “Hunters once prowled the wilderness and wastelands, taking big risks for even bigger rewards. You’re no outlaw—at least, not anymore—but making your own luck has always meant bending the rules. Your unique brand of daring and ingenuity is needed now more than ever.”

While the page lists details of Earth’s locations – such as the last human city – there are also pages that discuss the Moon, Venus and Mars, although the last two will be revealed soon. We’ve got pieces of Moon concept art below.

There’s even details of Destiny’s enemies, including the The Fallen, which are described as, “A scourge, tirelessly engaged in war against us and scavenging all that remains. They say their Houses have claimed every planet and moon we ever touched. If you see one in the wild, know there are many more nearby, and don’t hesitate to send their souls screaming into the black.”

The Cabal seem to be native to Mars, “It’s been years since they first made their presence known at the Twilight Gap. While early reports have them centered on or around Mars, the true might of the Cabal is still wrapped in speculation. Awaiting more reports from the Vanguard.”

We’ll have more once the ‘Vanguard’ updates the Destiny site.

What do you think of Destiny so far? Let us know below.

Destiny is heading to PS3, PS4 and Xbox, and may even get announced for other format soon. We’ll see.

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  1. polygem

    i was so pumped for this game, even started several very enthusiastic threads about it, what was it 1,5 years ago?…recently though i am not that hyped anymore. it is because i became really tired of shooter games in general. i will probably buy this game though. halo is the best fps game in the world and deserves all the praise it gets imho. bungie creating a class based mmoish shooter…no brainer, it will be among the best shooters ever, maybe it will become a benchmark for fps games and maybe it will just be the game i have been waiting for that makes me enjoy shooters again. it is so cool that bungie is going multiplat. brace yourselves sonyonlys.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. fengato

    Interesting Poly- like you I’m a big Halo fan (Reach is still my game of this current gen.) I was also massively excited for Destiny before the announcement, but since that time my interest has waned. I feel that Bungie jumped the gun and should have kept things under the radar for longer. Destiny feels like it’s miles off, and what they’ve shown is not significant enough to maintain ongoing interest. I’ve got an open mind and I don’t have issues with what they’re doing, though I suppose the game has to prove itself to us first. It just doesn’t seem tangible or feel like a real game at this stage.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. polygem

    @fengato: i agree with everything you said. reach is such an amazing game. it is almost flawless, great gamedesign…definitley in my top 5 games this gen on any system. i cannot praise this game enough. i was a bit disappointed with halo 3, still a fantastic game but it didn´t totally click with me. i enjoyed odst and then they made reach! i remember playing the beta, the powerhouse map and the boneyard invasion map. i would have payed full price just for the beta :) halo 4 was good and all but i didn´t like it that much. didn´t get me hooked for long. it really didn´t feel like a bungie halo. most changes they made just weren´t for me. imo they made the game worse…but hey, lots of people enjoyed it.
    that said…bungie is moving on and that´s great. regarding destiny: i think when they really start to show some more of it i will get hyped all over again…it will probably be better than we can imagine :) i mean, it has huge potential.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. sixoseven

    reach is great, a stunning game through and through. halo4 is better in subtle ways that stretch the genre of fps gaming. that’s because halo4 is mission, co-op, multiplayer, + multimedia serials + some hybrid rpg skill / outfit ladders. it does everything well, but i suppose it annoys purists. so as far as i’m concerned everything halo4 misses could be cured with destiny, which is essentially how do you keep huge lobbies going in co-op against baddies that is as interesting as halo.

    the one thing that has been missing from the halo universe has been a solid multiplayer coop vs the enemy where everything isn’t instructed to you by the voice of halo. ‘triple kill!’. and so halo has been a little dumbed down with players not using mics at all = no battlefield tactics. i want to be able to take the experience of squad combat to an open world – a world that changes enough so that if i can dominate a map it counts for something, but when i get bored i can go to another planet.

    i’m never going to do pc gaming, and so i have no mmo experience – but i just started defiance and i see the potential through the cheez. considering everything we know about the concept, destiny will be great even if it’s not good. that’s because even if it’s halo with 70 maps, that’s great.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. Da Man

    Reach was nothing like classic Bungie.. From the artwork through AAs and map layouts it felt nothing like the classic Halo..

    #5 2 years ago
  6. polygem

    i know where you´re coming from da man and you really have a point…still i truly loved everything about reach – nothing i can do about it. i enjoyed it more than halo 3 and man, i couldn´t wait for that game. i really think reach is a masterpiece. the changes they made were (mostly) great. the game still felt like halo…i didn´t feel halo 4 though. great game, but at the same time my disappointment of the year.
    @sixo: yes, all that sounds great and in the hands of bungie there´s actually no doubt that this game will become awesome fun even if it turns out to be a shit game if you know what i mean :)

    #6 2 years ago
  7. Da Man

    Even if it was good there wasn’t anything classic about it, that’s all I was saying..

    #7 2 years ago

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