id’s Hollenshead: Developing multi-plat enables for richer game experiences

Tuesday, 20th September 2011 15:49 GMT By Johnny Cullen

id boss Todd Hollenshead has said developing on multiple platforms has enabled the studio to give more richer experiences within its game than it would have been able to if developing on just PC.

“For us, there are some things that we do with id Tech 5 that if we were just making the game for the PC, we might make some different technical decisions. For what exactly those are, that’s a question for Carmack because I’m not a programmer,” said Hollenshead, speaking to Ripten.

He noted the first example of such a thing working to its advantage is the studio’s upcoming shooter RAGE, but it’s also without some of its challenges as well.

“We do obviously invest a significant amount of our engineering cycles working on 360 and PS3, so if those are all devoted to the PC, then obviously there’s a tradeoff that takes place there,” he said.

“But at the same time, there’s a give back the other way too because everything we do in the game and the scope of the game has also been like, RAGE is the deepest game we’ve ever done. And part of that is that we want to make sure we’re not just appealing to a hardcore PC audience, but also to the console audience as well.

“So as much as the consoles may take away, I think they give back actually more in terms of what we’re able to do just to build out the game.”

RAGE releases on October 4 in the US and October 7 in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC.



  1. Maximum Payne

    I am sorry but that doesn’t make sense.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Phoenixblight


    Yes it does. ID loves working within constraints because it allows them to find new and creative ways to work. Look at the MegaTexture they have as their main focus on ID Tech 5. It is just a giant texture that is used to create big areas. No game does that, in fact they tile it most of the time to “save” resources but Carmack found a way to make a giant texture and use it and it actually saves performance on all the systems with this new tech.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Fin

    Richer game experiences and better games.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. DSB

    I still think more optimized tech is a pretty lousy trade for the more complex games we used to have.

    Even though it’s not hard to see why they appreciate working under those kinds of restrictions. The same thing goes for stuff like audio engineering. If you’re great at what you do, you can make a lot out of a little.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. GwynbleiddiuM

    @Hollenshead: O_o

    PS: :|

    #5 3 years ago
  6. weedrk

    Rich: Interesting because full of diversity or complexity. If he is using “rich” in this context then I really hope he’s right, I really do. I’ve seen and played very few games lately that have been developed for multiple platforms that fit the definition. The latest exception to “dumbing down” has been Dead Island. I’m going to give Rage a try and I do have high hopes for it, as I’ve been an id fan for decades.

    #6 3 years ago

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