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Zumba Fitness helps Majesco triple Q2 revenues

Majesco has released its financial report for Q2 of its fiscal year, and the firm reports that Zumba Fitness helped triple the firm's revenue for the reporting period.

For the three months ending on April 30, sales of $32.14 million were reported which us up from $10.91 million year-over-year. Net profit came in at $2.08 million, compared to the $1.61 million loss suffered during the same period the prior year.

The company is planning a sequel to Zumba Fitness, and it is expected to launch on Wii in November and on an unannounced platform in early 2012. As of Q2, the original title has moved 2 million copies worldwide.

"Demand [for Zumba Fitness] has continued, [and] it stayed state in line with what I'll call the overall demands for the industry," said Majesco director and CEO Jesse Sutton during the company's call to investors.

"Obviously, holiday is the hottest time for our industry, but it's maintained, it's positioned in the top 10 up until now and continues to sell. In Europe, it's only recently been launched from the Wii, which has been the leading platform for it, given the installed base, of course, of the platform. And since it's been launched, it's been the top 5 video game in the UK., being number one a couple of weeks and just continues to sell well there.

"We are excited about it. We have cautious optimism going into the summer days as far as the continued sales of it, but obviously very pleased with it."

In Europe, total revenue from Zumba Fitness hit $3 million where the firm sells the belt accessory to go along with the game, and also collects the royalty. The net amount and gross margin related to that is between $1 million and $1.5 million for the quarter.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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