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Zombie Studios to bring Top Cow's Hunter-Killer to PSN and XBL

Zombie Studios has revealed its to bring Top Cow's Hunter-Killer series to PSN and XBL sometime or another. We're not sure when, as a date hasn't been announced.

The game will be based around the comic series created by Mark Waid and Marc Silvestriwhich focuses on a man named Ellis and some other "hunter-killers" named Wolf and Samantha Argent. The characters are living in a world where the US government has created living "super-weapons" called Ultra Sapiens.

These human weapons were created during the Cold War, back when nuclear paranoia was high. Some of these Ultra Sapiens broke out of the governments grasp and either went underground to hide or took jobs with the government.

Those who work for Uncle Sam are tasked with tracking down the elusive US's and getting rid of the "situations". These are the "hunter-killers" of the storyline. However, there's more than just Ultras running about, because apparently, the government also created something neutralizing any Ultra Sapiens out there.

It's unknown at present how close to the storyline the game from Zombie Studios will follow, but, according to D'toid we'll find out more next week at E3.

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