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Zero Escape 3 announced for 2016 release

A new 999 Doors and Virute's Last Reward sequel will be set on Mars, and launches next year.


Zero Escape 3 was announced this weekend at Anime Expo 2015 in Los Angeles.

In a press release, Aksys Games said the 3DS and Vita adventure will launch in northern summer 2016.

The in-lore press release suggests some characters will make a return. Other features include fully voiced cinematics, multiple endings and Japanese and Englich voice over options.

According to Gematsu's report on an Anime Expo panel, the 4infinity teaser website relates to this title, with the 4 standing for Mars, the fourth planet from the sun. The website will continue to update, and everything it produces relates to the final game somehow.

Although it's still early in development (the title may not be final, I suspect) Aksys shared some plot details. Zero Escape 3 is set on a test colony on Mars, where researchers are studying the psychological effects of Mars colonisation, among other things.

There's going to be a dog in it, and the ending is said to be especially intense this time around.

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