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Nintendo scraped Netflix Zelda show due to leak

Show was rumoured to be Game of Thrones for the family audience.

Japanese publishing giant Nintendo killed a live-action Legend of Zelda TV show being made with Netflix.

That's according to comedian Adam Conover, who told The Serf Times podcast - as spotted by Twitter user supererogatory - who said that the series was axed after details of the show were leaked online.

"I worked at CollegeHumour and we had a secret project where we were going to make a claymation version of StarFox with Nintendo," Conover said, as reported by Eurogamer.

"I know this because Shigeru Miyamoto came to our office, and I remember that because I asked my boss if I could be in the office that day - 'cos it was the weekend - because I just wanted to watch Shigeru Miyamoto walk by. He told me, no and I'm still mad at him...

"Then, a month later, suddenly there were reports Netflix wasn't going to do its Legend of Zelda anymore. I was like 'what happened?' And then I heard from my boss we weren't doing our Star Fox anymore. I was like 'what happened?'. He was like, 'someone at Netflix leaked the Legend of Zelda thing, they weren't supposed to talk about it, Nintendo freaked out... and they pulled the plug on everything, the entire programme to adapt these things."

News about the project leaked in 2015.

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