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Young Justice: Legacy teaser reminds us it still exist

Way back in February Warner Bros. and Little Orbit announced a game based on the popular Cartoon Network series Young Justice, designed to fill in the blanks between the first and second seasons. It turns out that is still happening, despite my total amnesia on the subject, and this new teaser proves it.

No release date has been given beyond "coming soon", but the second season of Young Justice started in April, so Little Orbit has better get its act together before everyone stops caring - although the cartoon itself has gone on hiatus a couple of times, so it's not surprising everything went dark for a while. The teaser has logos for PC, the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, suggesting a digital distribution release.

That's pretty much it for solid new information, but as a refresher, its a multiplayer action game with RPG elements with 12 playable characters and 12 villains. It looks a little like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which is no bad thing.

L:ittle Orbit seems to be hitting the licenses hard; it's also behind an upcoming Mistborn game.

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