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You can ride a bear in WiLD - check out the gameplay demo

Michel Ancel took the stage at Sony's Paris Games Week conference to show a gameplay demo of WiLD. Oh, and you can ride a freaking bear.

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So day one, for this gal at least.

The game from the new studio co-founded by Rayman creator Michael Ancel is an online survival adventure game first shown during the Sony conference at Gamescom 2014.

Set 10,000 years ago, the game allows you to play as either an animal or human and features a dynamic environment which is rather large.

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wild (2)

wild (3)

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Players can use shamanistic skills to turn into rabbits, snakes, wolves, horses, sheep and more. Nothing in WiLD is pre-written, so everyone will have a different story.

An open world action-survival game, WiLD is still in the early stages of development and without a release date.

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