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You can now grind for Overwatch loot boxes in World of Warcraft, sort of

World of Warcraft is now just another way to fuel your quest for that one elusive D.Va skin.

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The World of Warcraft economy has been shaken by a sudden change to WoW Tokens, a system whereby players can buy and sell game time.

Previously, players could spend real money for a WoW Token in the World of Warcraft shop, then sell it for in-game gold in the Auction House. Players in need of game time would supply the gold, by purchasing the WoW Token in the Auction House. But now there's another option: rather than cash the WoW Token in for game time, it can be exchanged for $15 or regional equivalent of credit. Find all the details on

So what? You may ask. So: this credit can then be used in a number of current Blizzard games, not just World of Warcraft. You can take that money over to StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and, yes, Overwatch, and spend it on whatever you please.

Theoretically, if you have a huge stack of gold sitting around in your World of Warcraft vaults, you could take it out and swap it for Overwatch loot boxes, for example, rather than buying those loot boxes with real currency.

In practice, WoW Tokens are now almost impossible to find in the Auction House, having sold out immediately, and those who have them are keenly awaiting higher demand so they can make an absolute bundle on them. So it goes.

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