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You can finally watch archived Twitch content on iOS and Android apps

Twitch is finally allowing mobile users to watch video on demand.


Twitch has updated its Android and iOS apps to allow everyone to watch channel highlights and past broadcasts (VOD) on their phones. The feature has been requested by mobile users for a while now, and it's great that it's finally here.

At present, the feature will be available for all Twitch partner channels and a "growing number of broadcasters" whose videos are stored in the HLS format.

There are two ways you could find them:

  • If you’re watching a live channel, tap the Activity Feed icon located on the player. For iOS this is on the top left of the player, and for Android it’s on the bottom left
  • If you’re on the Search page or Following directory, tapping any offline channel will also take you directly to the Activity Feed

For Android users, they will unfortunately need to download an entirely new app. The new app, v4.0, can be downloaded from here, and he old app will need to be uninstalled.

There's one other issue as well, the new app only supports Android 4.1 and beyond. Which means users on older versions of the OS will not get the new feature, and should instead leave the old app installed.

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