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Xbox One's My Games and Apps section will see changes "soon"

The Games and Apps section on Xbox One is about to get better.


Xbox One's My Games and Apps section will see changes "soon"

The My Games and Apps part of Xbox One received many criticisms about the way it handles large numbers of games. As you install more and more games and add even more to your collection, the scroll bar gets longer and longer.

Many fans have suggested a few ways to improve this, and some even created mock-ups to help Microsoft see the areas that need attention the most. Unfortunately, this particular part of the UI has largely stayed the same since the console launched, only getting minor visual updates with each big release.

It seems this will soon change, however, according to Microsoft's Mike Ybarra. Ybarra answered a fan on Twitter, who showed one such mock-up and wondered if we're ever going to see My Games and Apps change.

Ybarra didn't elaborate further as to the nature of this change, but we can only hope some of these user suggestions will be taken into account.

E3 2016 would be a good place to a reveal a couple of new OS features, and My Games and Apps could be included.

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