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Xbox One has "CPU and storage equivalent of three consoles on the cloud"

Xbox One will support cloud technology and according to Xbox incubation and prototyping group manager Jeff Henshaw, the cloud will provide developers with the CPU and storage equivalent of three extra consoles.

Speaking with OXM, Henshaw said this will allow developers to create larger, persistent worlds for Xbox One users.

"We're provisioning for developers for every physical Xbox One we build, we're provisioning the CPU and storage equivalent of three Xbox Ones on the cloud," he said. "We're doing that flat out so that any game developer can assume that there's roughly three times the resources immediately available to their game, so they can build bigger, persistent levels that are more inclusive for players.

"They can do that out of the gate."

Furthermore, over on Stevivor, Xbox Australia spokesperson Adam Pollington told the site Xbox One would be “40 times greater than the Xbox 360 in terms of processing capabilities” when using the cloud.

"Xbox One is ten times more powerful than the Xbox 360, so we’re effectively 40 times greater than the Xbox 360 in terms of processing capabilities [using the cloud]," said Pollington. "If you look to the cloud as something that is no doubt going to evolve and grow over time, it really spells out that there’s no limit to where the processing power of Xbox One can go.

"I think that’s a very exciting proposition, not only for Australians, but anyone else who’s going to pick up the Xbox One console.”

Last week
, EA EVP and CTO Rajat Taneja claimed next-gen Xbox One and PS4 were a generation ahead of high-end PCs in a LinkedIn post reported on widely.

A few in the industry disagreed with his stance last week after the post went live.

Thanks, Develop.

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