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This Xbox One advert is turning on people's consoles by accident

Xbox One owners are having their consoles turned on by a new advert starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul.

Speaking of Microsoft; did you know that the company showed off Crackdown Xbox One gameplay earlier this year but kept that fact hidden from us? It's true. Hit up the link to see a player destroying a skyscraper with their rocket launcher.

The advert above feature's Paul in his home, shouting "Xbox on" to - unsurprisingly - turn his Xbox One one using Kinect's voice commands. It boots up, Titanfall is conveniently featured on the UI, and the advert rolls along.

Except gamers have started claiming that Paul's opening line is actually turning their Xbox One consoles on.

And so on. When the BBC asked Microsoft to comment on the advert's effect, they weren't available for comment.

It's like when this guy changed his Gamertag to 'Xbox Sign Out' and trolled gamers to the point that they screamed his username, begging him to stop.

Incredibly, this caused them to sign themselves out. Troll immortality achieved.

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