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There's a Dark Souls Easter Egg in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Witchers can venture into the dark for a cute little reference.


There's a Dark Souls Easter Egg in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine offers some of the toughest content of this notoriously difficult RPG, so it's only fitting that it acknowledges that other tough-as-nails RPG series, Dark Souls.

A nod to From Software's series can be found in Beyond Hill and Dale, one of the last missions on one branch of the DLC's main storyline. Here's how to get to it:

  • Defeat the Cloud Giant boss.
  • Approach the castle but don't go through the arch.
  • Vault over the railing on the left side as you face into the castle with your back to the boss arena.
  • Drop down to the next ledge and follow the path to a cave.
  • Somewhere in the dark, there's something you can ignite...

Your reward is both the satisfaction of recognition and a neat level 46 sword - Gesheft. This Relic class weapon offers 20% extra intensity across all signs and has three rune slots. In its base form, it does up to 627 damage. Also, it looks great.

I'm sure that's not the only secret squirelled away; this expansion is pretty huge. We're slowly working our way through its tangle of intersecting endings at the moment; check in with our Blood and Wine guide.

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