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WipEout dev points to connectivity as next-gen touchstone

The WipEout team at Studio Liverpool expects the next generation of games to come bristling with connections to other devices and the rest of the Internet.

"You don't want to switch on your console and fall out of your social sphere, and I think that's going to become one of the big things," Studio Liverpool's Stuart Tilley told Eurogamer when asked about the future of the industry.

"I think in five, ten years from now it's going to be really challenging for anyone to do a successful game that isolates the player."

Tilley showed enthusiasm for ideas like SmartGlass, the Wii U tablet and of course, cross-platform connectivity between the PlayStation 3 and the Vita, something the last WipEout game began to embrace.

"Now that the technology's there it's up to us creative people to figure out what we can do with it," he said.

"I'd love to be playing on the PS3 but my daughter could have the Vita and be doing stuff, and interacting in the same game world. There are definite possibilities in there, and I think developers will start taking more advantage of it in time."

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