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Windows 10 has been announced by Microsoft

Once known as codename 'Threshold', Microsoft has announced Windows 10 instead of Windows 9.


A Technical Preview will be focused on enterprise, per Neowin, instead of consumer-oriented features.

The site is reporting live from the Microsoft event that the technical test for Windows 10 is expected to launch in early 2015, and consumer features should be revealed rather soon.

Microsoft hopes business-types find the OS "familiar, compatible and productive," according to USA Today, which reports W10 still contains tiles such as those found in Windows 8, but "also elements familiar to Windows 7 users," such as the start menu and an taskbar being "front and center." W10 will also allow for more user personalization.

The Verge is also live blogging it if you want more details, but at present, there's nothing gaming or consumer related being shared.

Windows 10 is expected to launch in late 2015 and below, you can watch Windows VP Joe Belfiore discuss some of the features such as the Start menu, multiple desktops, and improved multi-tasking.

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