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Wii U rumors - Metroid URE3, VoD services, Android OS

French site Nintendotown has posted a new batch of Wii U rumors, one of which is rather plausible due to previous comments made by Nintendo.

First up is the rumor that a new Metroid is in the works for the console and is being built using Unreal Engine 3. This is plausible, and the site says a tech demo of the game was shown in cooperation with Nintendo's Retro Studios. The firm is also supposedly working on a new Star Fox game for the system. At least, that is what we gleaned from the Google translation.

Another rumor the site noted which was posted on Adweek, was that Nintendo is in talks with various partners regarding video on demand services. Wii owners can already watch Netflix offerings on the console, but this rumor implies a built-in application on the console's dashboard similar to Xbox 360 and PS3. Like the aforementioned rumor, this one is definitely plausible considering Nintendo has been hinting around at such content. Still, the firm has been a bit evasive so expect to hear more about the UI and apps at E3.

The final rumor posted in this little round-up was in relation to news the firm has integrated Android OS on Wii U. This one, we're not really sure about, and honestly find it extremely far-fetched. Then again, in the world of gaming news, nothing really surprises us anymore.

You can view the information posted on the site through the link.

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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