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Wii U publishers can set play limits on game demos

Wii U demos can be restricted to a set number of plays, according to a new report over at GameZone. The eagerly-anticipated Rayman Legends demo is one example of a demo with limited play, however, these restrictions are said to be decided on a publisher basis, and are not a blanket Nintendo policy. Get more information on the policy after the break.

The GameZone report states that Nintendo 3DS publishers already have the power to limited their demos to 30 plays before they expire and point users to the game's purchase page on the 3DS eShop.

The same practice will continue on Wii U it seems, as Ubisoft's Rayman Legends demo comes bearing the same restrictions, which sees the demo active for 30 plays before forwarding players to the eShop purchase page.

This decision is said to be of Ubisoft's own making however, so you will see some demos with limitations and others without.

What about you readers? Is 30 plays reasonable? Should someone have made up their mind about a game within this time? Let us know below.

Thanks RipTen.

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