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What Do You Hope to See at Next Week's PS5 Showcase?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | Next week is perhaps the biggest look yet at what awaits PS5. What do you want to see?

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It's been announced: Sony's finally doing a big PlayStation 5 showcase next week. Next week in general is a big week for video games; it's pretty much the earnest start to Not-E3 digital conferences and other livestreams. Our calendar is stacked.

For this week's Community Question, let's turn the focus to the looming PS5 announcement: What do you hope to see revealed? Let us know in the comments!

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Mike Williams, Reviews Editor

On one level, I want to know exactly how Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to handle the generational divide. I'm excited for The Last of Us Part 2—look forward to our review—and Ghost of Tsushima, but I also want to know how those games might transition over to PlayStation 5. I'd like at the very least for my saves and progress to transfer over.

More directly on the question: I'd like a game to show the gap between what we have now on the PlayStation 4 Pro and what we could have on the PS5. Look at Ghost of Tsushima with the grass, leaves, and burning embers all blowing in the wind. Show me how you top that in the next gen. My guess is this will probably come from Horizon Zero Dawn 2, or whatever Guerilla's follow-up is going to be called. Spider-Man 2 would be my other expectation, but I think that and another God of War is another year off at least.

Eric Van Allen, News Editor

Gameplay! I want to see some extended gameplay, showing what the next generation of games will look like in motion when I'm actually playing it. The Unreal tech demo was impressive, but I want to properly gauge what a day-one PS5 launch experience looks like, even if it's a souped-up PS4 game.

That said, there are at least a few rumored games I'd be excited to see. Sony's got a laundry list of big exclusives from this last generation all begging for sequels. Something that could really wow me would be either a new project from Kojima (let's get the hype machine whirring again) or something really out of left field, that hasn't even been whispered about. Oh, and maybe a look at the actual box.

Also, a Project Siren team game would be tight.

Nadia Oxford, Staff Writer

Games, games, games!! We got all the fancy-dancy numbers and tech demos out of the way: Now show us what we'll be playing in 2021! (Provided the monkeys that stole that COVID-19 blood sample in India don't use it to end humanity by then.)

There are whispers and rumors about a Final Fantasy 16 reveal coming very soon. That's pretty much my dream reveal right there. Failing that, how about a Persona 6 reveal? Don't give me any "It's too early for Persona 6, Nadia." It is never too early for Persona 6.

Caty McCarthy, Senior Editor

With all the rumors of a new Silent Hill spinning up, I'd love to see whatever it is that Project Siren is working on. The studio's last game was the excellent Gravity Rush 2, and with Keiichir? Toyama as the head of the studio, it would be extra exciting to see the Silent Hill license handed back to him. It's definitely a pipedream and highly unlikely, so honestly, I'll take whatever I can get from Project Siren. I only hope it's as dazzling and inventive as the Gravity Rush series.

Also, whatever Fumito Ueda's working on would be a nice tease, as The Last Guardian is one of the PS4's most underrated games.

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