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Werewolves Within is a multiplayer VR title from Tom Clancy studio Red Storm

Werewolves Within is the latest virtual reality to be announced from Ubisoft, and it's one of the first multiplayer offerings to be created for the tech.

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Developed by Tom Clancy studio Red Storm Entertainment in conjunction with Ubisoft Barcelona, positional tracking tech and animations based on voice inflection analysis will allow real-life actions and body language to be "reflected through their VR character in-game."

Werewolves Within takes place in the medieval village Gallowston which is being terrorized by, you guessed it, werewolves. Players will assume randomly assigned roles at the start of the game. Some will have special abilities which will help search out the werewolf living among the villagers.

Not every player will be tasked with hunting down the menace though: some will play a villager "pleading innocence" and another, the actual werewolf.

The game is being designed as an online multiplayer for five to eight people. Each gameplay session was designed to be quick, and players roles will change each round.

Players can create Private Matches with friends or be grouped in a Quick Match with both friends and other players.

Werewolves Within will be available on major VR platforms in autumn 2016.

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