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Weekly SWTOR Q&A discusses how automatic server migrations will affect characters

Damion Schubert, principal lead systems designer in SWTOR, has tried to alleviate migration fears for players who've yet to manually transfer their characters onto another server.

Speaking in the latest Q&A on the MMO's website, Schubert said once BioWare starts automatic transfers,the team will do "everything possible" in order to maintain the basics of the current ruleset such as PvE, PvP and regional choice.

"In many cases, [players] should have a good idea of which populations you are likely to end up with," he said. "Another top concern is trying to help the populations that result have a good factional balance.

"We will give out a specific list once we are closer to implementation of this plan - watch for more info soon."

Earlier this month, BioWare outlined how server transfers worked, and offered players an incentive to move from a listed origin to more populated ones by offering a free transfer along with a pet.

However, those still using underpopulated origin servers will no longer be able to create new characters and are instead encouraged to move to a new destination server. Any remaining characters on selected origin servers when the developer decides to shut them down, will be automatically moved to designated destination servers.

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