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Wednesday Shorts - The morning edition: Gears 3 Easter Eggs, Link statue, Kirby, lots more

Spit-balling Shorty McShort news updates to keep you in the know. Lots to read, gawp at and make fun of.

  • GameFront is compiling a list of Gears 3 Easter Eggs. There's only one there right now, but more will follow. Spoilers of daft things a given.
  • A third instalment of Square Enix's Dragon Quest spin-off featuring the the loveable, viscous heroes is to hit Japanese shelves on November 2 for 3DS, Silconera is reporting. Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 is the follow-up to the DS title known in the West as Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime.
  • Gregarious Gearbox CEO Randy Pitcford has been speaking to CVG about Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • A limited edition statue of Legend of Zelda's mute hero, Link, will be released next year and will set you back a cool £270, around $425.
  • Industry Gamers has outlined the challenges faced by GameStop's Android tablet, as spied by VG247 reader Christopher Jack.
  • A new Lord of the Rings Online dev diary has revealed upcoming changes to the Rune-kepper and Hunter classes, stat boosts ahoy.
  • Kirby Mass Attack director has been speaking about designing the adorable pink ball with a prodigal appetite to appeal to kids and adults alike.
  • Want some hefty - and free - DLC for the Steam version of iOS puzzler EDGE? Well soon you'll be able to fulfil your wish, as Destructoid outlines.
  • A bizarre new reality TV show has started in the US, following the efforts of 16 top Gran Turismo 5 players as they compete to become a professional race car driver.
  • Want another Kinect dance game to look foolish to? Then Konami's new Boom Boom Dance will be right up your street.
  • GamesRader has judged Phoenix Wright buddy-cum-villain Miles Edgeworth to be top of the pile of gaming's best "frenemies". Give the man a prize.
  • Stylish PS Vita title, Sumioni, has a "better than average chance" of making to the US and Europe, according to the studio responsible for the game.
  • In-game purchases account for 72 per cent of iOS app store revenue, according to analysts.
  • XBLIG's They Bleed Pixels is set to feature some curious crossover levels, apparently.
  • Mario may ostensibly be a plumber, but he's never done much to further the image of his supposed profession. New PC title Gunpoint looks set to do a little more for the cause of electricians, however - as you'll see from this gameplay vid.
  • A mini-shorts within the shorts as Joystiq reports news of a 'Deluxe edition' of the Assassin's Creed comic series and retro-Ubisoft T-Shirts.

And that's your lot, for now. The irony of how long that lot will take to read - and indeed how long they took to compile - should not be lost on anyone.

Header pic is from a trip to Australia.

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