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Wednesday shorts, part 2: Bilson hates cut-scenes, ICO wasn't good enough, more

Sound-bites, snippets, bullshit. Read these quickly. As opposed to slowly.

  • Double Fine's Trenched is a tower defense game, apparently. Not a mech shooter. So says Kotaku.
  • THQ studio boss Danny Bilson reckons, “Doing a cinematic is the failure state, that is the last resort of game storytelling.” More on Edge.
  • Team ICO's Fumito Ueda reckons ICO and Shadow of the Collosus were rubbish. "The fact that Ico and SOTC didn’t sell well is because they weren’t good enough," he told Edge. "They didn’t have enough to appeal to users." The Last Guardian will be better, apparently.
  • ArcaniA - Gothic 4 has released in the UK, both at retail and as a download for PC. More info here.
  • There's a Serious Sam 3 interview on BigDownload. The shooter's out this year.
  • Arenanet's outlined Guild Wars 2's crafting system on its blog. You can be a cook in the next gen MMO, don't you know. There's no date on the game as yet.
  • Wakfu, Square's incoming F2P MMO, enters open beta on April 27. That's on Massively.
  • Very odd story on Joystiq about the Japanese version of Torchlight. Microsoft said the game had been delayed in Japan thanks to a text bug, to which Runic said the game had never actually been translated in Japanese. Whatever. It hasn't released. Hard lines, Japan.

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