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WB Games Teases a New Batman Arkham Title

A cryptic teaser points towards a new game in the Batman: Arkham series.

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It seems like there will be a new Batman: Arkham game in our near future. IGN France recently tweeted a teaser from WB Games, asking players to save the date on March 8, 2017. What points to this being a Batman: Arkham game? First up, the "Save the date" idea was previously used for Batman: Arkham Origins promotion, a game by the French-speaking WB Games Montreal.

The teaser, a Batman: Arkham Origins teaser, and the Arkham City WB Games logo.

Second, that cracked and broken WB Games logo? A very similar logo was used for the beginning of Batman: Arkham City back in the day.

There has been a recent rumor about a new Batman: Arkham game. Kotaku reported back in December that WB Games Montreal was working on a Batman: Arkham title starring Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne and the current Robin in the comics. The Arkham game is the sole survivor of WB Games Montreal development, as the report also mentions a cancelled Suicide Squad game coming from the studio. These were likely the DC Comics games that WB Games Montreal was hinting at in a recruitment video released in 2015.

Some are suspecting this might be the announcement of another long-rumored WB Games' title: Shadow of Mordor 2. We're about due to revisit Monolith Productions' Middle-Earth and the game's existence was leaked by a motion-capture actor's CV. Lauren Mary Kim listed Shadow of Mordor 2 mocap work for Blur Studio, the studio responsible for the CGI trailers and cinematics of numerous video games.

Still, given the evidence, I'm leaning Batman.

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