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Watermelon Game, aka Suika, is even more popular on Nintendo Switch than you thought

That’s an awful lot of round fruit.

Some fruit from Suika Game.
Image credit: VG247/Aladdin X

Remember Suika Game, aka Watermelon Game? Well, it’s now been downloaded on Nintendo Switch four million times worldwide.

If you’re not familiar with the Japanese puzzle game that’s so nice they named it twice, it became a bit of a viral sensation in the west thanks to streamers, having originally come to prominence in Japan. Developer Aladdin X finally released it on the worldwide eShop on October 20, quickly adding English language support, ending the days of having to sneakily grab it from the Japanese version of Nintendo’s store.

It seems that the game’s worldwide debut has gone pretty well too, with Gamer reporting that Aladdin X is now celebrating Suika Game having reached 4 million downloads on Switch. The number essentially shows that the game’s worldwide download total has done something close to doubling in about a month, with it having amassed over two million downloads as of late October.

To commemorate surpassing the four million mark, Aladdin X has released a new official animated sticker via LINE. As outlined by the developer, it “moves unexpectedly” and is designed to allow the game’s fruits to “liven up your conversations and communication with your loved ones”.

So, basically, it kind of serves the same function as the average cat and can be yours for ¥250, which is about £1.49. Much like Suika Game itself, which is known for costing a reasonable $2.99/£2.38, that makes the sticker a bit of a bargain, especially in comparison to the official merch of games like The Sims.

Who knows how many more people will decide to have a go at combining two fruits to make a larger fruit without suffering a fatal container overflow over the next few months. After all, if there’s one thing that can help while away a winter afternoon, it’s a simple, but addictive gameplay loop.

If you’re keen to learn more about Suika Game, check out this feature that touches on some of the reasons why it’s got so many people hooked.

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