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Watch Dogs: No Turning Back - Merlaut Hotel, kill Quinn, save Clara

This is the finale of Act 4; sneak into the Merlaut Hotel, deal with Quinn and save Clara.


Objective: Reach the Merlaut Hotel
Objective: Eavesdrop on Quinn's party and find him
Objective: Follow Quinn and the Mayor

When you get to the hotel hack the panel and switch to the camera above. Wait for Quinn to move and switch to the camera on the far right, then the next camera. Hack the device on the table and listen to the conversation.

Objective: Access hotel's network and disable security

Move the camera right and then switch to the camera in the next room to hack the panel and start a mini-game.

Turn the bottom point three times, then move up along the line turning the next point three times. Move to the bottom right point, unlock it, turn it once before moving back to the point you were just at and turning it one more time. Then move to the point at the top, unlock it and turn it three times. Move down one point and turn it three times to unlock the final point to the left - now hack the control panel in the next room.

Objective: Infiltrate the hotel
Objective: Reach Quinn's office

If you're taking the stealth approach here heard around the south side of the hotel for an access point. Hackit and hack the panel that unlocks the door. Nudge the door open and take cover and hack the camera in the hallway. You can hack the pop machine to draw the guard from the hallway on the right and when he reaches it perform a takedown.

Now move the camera so you spot all the guard and their locations. Sneak around the corner to the next hallway and into the room on the right, and then the next room on the right. You may need to take out a guard is he gets too close, then move into the room you need to be in.

There's another guard on patrol who may also need taking out before you can hack the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors open takedown the guard inside. Now hack the elevator to get to Quinn's office.

As the cutscene plays out you'll need to perform a takedown, then shot the guard on the other side of the room.

Objective: Fight your way across the rooftop

Head to the door to the rooftops and get some explosives ready. When you see the heavy armoured guard back away down the corridor and he'll follow, meaning you can take him down without worry about other threats. Use explosives to deal with him.

Open the rooftop door again and hack the camera on the left. Use the camera to take down a lot of guards where possible using the environment and disable their ability to call for back-up if you have the tech. If someone calls in a helicopter you'll need grenades or IEDs. once all environmental hacks are done you'll have to use good old fashioned gunplay.

Objective: Find Quinn
Objective: Profile Lucky Quinn
Objective: Download the video
Objective: Escape the hotel
Objective: Escape the Police

Around the other side of Quinn's desk is a hack point. Hack it to open the shutters and then get out your cell phone. When Quinn talks you can hack into his pacemaker, and during the next cutscene take him down. Hack the point in his office to download the video and run out of his office to the left and through the door.

You'll need a Blackout at this point to knock out the helicopter. Use if once the chopper appears then run left and get into the lift. Hack the lift to the ground and use Blackout. Run left to the south side of the hotel where the boats are and break free.

If you haven't got a helicopter sneak around the left to find a vehicle and try ot avid the cops and the helicopter using back alleys and underpasses.

Objective: Race to save Clara
Objective: Eliminate the hit men
Objective: Reach Clara

Head to the next waypoint and watch the cutscene then fight off the hitmen. Kill them and move over to Clara to complete the mission and Act 4!

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