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Watch All the Best Far Cry 5 Bugs, Mishaps, and Highlights So Far

Start your week off right with some Far Cry 5 clips.

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In my review, I noted that Far Cry 5 is a playground of destruction. Ubisoft combines a vast digital recreation of Montana, a variety of available tools, and a number of AI systems to create a strange mix of humor and horror. If you put any time into the game, you'll eventually find a cool moment or a crazy bug that'll have you smiling.

If you're not playing Far Cry 5 yet, you might be missing out. So here are a few clips for your Monday morning, giving you a feeling of what the game is all about. (Scroll slowly, as Reddit videos auto-play.)

Anything You Can Kill, He Can Stealth Kill Better

If you haven't heard of StealthGamerBR before, as the moniker suggests, this is a player who is all about stealth. But not the kind of stealth that happens when you or I play video games. No, what StealthGamerBR does is akin to magic: a deep understanding of various games' systems to the point that they set up these huge chains of rapid stealth kills. The channel has focused on games like Dishonored, Hitman, Metal Gear Solid 5, and Far Cry 4 in the past, but over the Easter weekend a Far Cry 5 video went live.

Stand back and watch a master at work.

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Fear the Turkey

On the Far Cry 5 patch notes for launch day, there's a somewhat cryptic sentence that simply says, "Turkey was too powerful". You meet the turkey early on in the game and while you may be worried about bears and cougars, the turkey is a real demon. These tiny birds are highly aggressive and even after the patch are still hardier than they probably should be. Here's one player versus a turkey that won't give up.

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Watch Out For Cougars, Too

While much of Far Cry 5 has the player facing down the Project at Eden's Gate cult, the wilds of Montana are still host to a number of creatures that can make your life hell. Especially if you're doing one thing, only to have an animal attack you mid-movement. One player takes on a cult truck, only for a cougar to screw everything up.

You just got FarCry'd from r/farcry

Players Vs. Planes

In Far Cry 5, one ever-present threat are plane patrols. These cult pilots will spot you from high above and go on strafing runs just to annoy you. With some precision shooting though, you can take out the pilot, bringing down the plane immediately. Here's a few players doing just that.

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You're Supposed to Save Civilians

You will find that the cult takes hostages in Far Cry 5 and as the only person with any drive in Hope County, it's up to you to rescue them. In some cases, you have to be quiet or the cult will kill those they've taken. In other situations, things don't quite go your way.

So I went to save a civilian... from r/farcry

Why Would You Do That To a Good Dog?

When any of your Guns For Hire companions (like the good dog Boomer) go down, you have a limited amount of time to revive them. Controls can be sometimes confusing though. Here, a PC player hits F (melee kick), instead of E (revive). Poor Boomer.

When you forget E is to revive. from r/farcry

Drugs Are Good

There are two drugs in the game called The Fast and The Furious. (Get it?) One increases the player's movement speed, while the other increases melee attack power. When combined with a melee weapon like a bat or shovel, the results speak for themselves.

Physics Are Bad

Like many other open-world games, sometimes the complex interaction of physics-based objects means things just… go awry. Here's one example of everything just going completely pear-shaped in terms of physics.

Best feature of Far Cry 5 from r/farcry

Shake That Booty

There are enemies called Angels in the game who are so tripped out on the drug Bliss that they can't feel pain. Here's one Angel… having a meal? Dancing? I don't really know what's going on here other than a great random bug.

Hmmm.. from r/farcry

We also have our complete Far Cry 5 guide where we tell you how you can get a bear to join your team and murder cultists for you. Did we mention that there was a surprising amount of fun in Far Cry 5 to be found?

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