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Wasteland 2 crowdsourcing 3D assets

InXile has put out a cattle call for 3D models for Wasteland 2; anybody can submit a design and be paid and credited for their work.

As detailed on the RPG's website, inXile will regularly post 2D concepts, and would-be artists can then try their hand at creating a model for use in the finished game.

You don't need much to get started - a free version of Unity and a style guide - but artists are asked to price their assets in line with industry standards, which might be a bit tricker for beginners to gauge.

Many 3D artists create generic assets for sale to developers, and those which aren't chosen by inXile will remain on the Unity Asset Store, where they might be picked up by other developers.

The developer has advised creators to build in "ome exaggeration of proportion and scale, both in the geometry and in the texturing" because the object will need to make sense from a distant, fixed camera.

"Our goal here is not to make the next photo-real FPS, but rather, an installment in the Wasteland universe. It should have a modicum of style, without being too over the top or obnoxious," is the closing advice.

While you do the 3D modelling for inXile, it will focus on "elements that directly impact the gameplay of Wasteland 2".

The crowd-funded Wasteland 2 is expected in 2013.

Thanks, Polygon.

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