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Warner hopes Scribblenauts has same appeal as Layton games


The marketing manager for Warner Bros., Phil Lamb, has said that due to the popularity of titles like Professor Layton, Scribblenauts should appeal to casual, female, and "grey" gamers.

Because of this, Warner expects the title to become a new franchise for the DS market.

“The stylized look of Scribblenauts offers something fresh and friendly that doesn’t appear intimidating," Lamb told MCV. "That combined with the addictive gameplay means that it will definitely strike a chord with casual, female and maybe even ‘grey’ gamers.

"What Scribblenauts offers is something akin to Nintendo’s Professor Layton – an addictive and challenging game that has real mass-market appeal all wrapped up in a uniquely stylized package.

"We fully expect this title to be the start of a brand new franchise in the DS puzzle market."

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Thanks, GoNintendo.

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