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Warner Bros. registers 15 Arkham Universe domains

MarkMonitor, the company that manages Warner Bros. properties, has registered 15 domain names associated with the Arkham Universe.

The registrations will bring up the obvious speculations whether these will be for game sequels, movie series or a combination. It seems only fitting that we'll see a follow up to Batman: Arkham City, with Arkham Universe being the next logical step.

Here's the complete list of domains registered, courtesy of Joystiq:

- (Arkham Universe)
- (Batman Arkham Universe)
- (Batman Arkham Arises)
- (Batman Arkham Begins)
- (Batman Arkham Dark Knight)
- (Batman Arkham Knight)
- (Batman Arkham Legend)
- (Batman Arkham Legends)
- (Batman Arkham Night)
- (Batman Arkham Origins)
- (Batman Arkham Stories)
- (Dark Knight Arkham)
- (DC Arkham Universe)
- (DC Arkhamverse)
- (The Arkham Universe)

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