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Wargaming hopes to chuck pay-to-win rep for eSports

Wargaming has overhauled its premium content system for World of Tanks and hopes that it and future free-to-play MMOs will escape the reputation of "pay-to-win".

All existing microtransaction options which give players an unfair advantage will be axed, the publisher has announced. It began testing the new system last year, and is calling it "free-to-win".

Only customisation options and premium vehicles will remain paid items.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Wargaming's publishing vice president Andrei Yarantsau said this change should make World of Tanks and its ilk more attractive to eSports organisers.

"Wargaming's support of eSports is an integral part of our overall market strategy. Most importantly it involves building a global network of games and services," he said.

"Our new World of Tanks features, including recent changes in our business model, are aimed at further growing our games in this direction. Professional sport - and gaming is no exception - is about fair competition. The introduction of our new free-to-win system will really help facilitate the development of World of Tanks as a true eSports discipline."

The Wargaming game design team has been focusing heavily on competitive elements for our games, so we're eager to see this all catches on with our players."

Thanks, Shack News.

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