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Fans of 90s RTS games might finally get their dream game

If you are, like me, into base building, clicking on units to go and do your bidding by attacking and destroying other units, and have been clamouring for a modern RTS game that follows that sacred formula, then your wish may be coming true after all.

Wargame series developer Eugen Systems is working on a successor to 2005's Act of War, titled Act of Aggression. The developer says the game aims to capture the mechanics of real-time strategy games from the 90s. So things like base building, unit production, resource management are all promised.

The game is set in the year 2020, with three factions to choose from, and two singleplayer campaigns.

The publisher did not provide any release date, but promised more when it shows the game at Gamescom this week.

Have a look at the announcement trailer and some screens below.

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