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PUBG Mobile to get Warframe skins in limited time crossover

It's the crossover you nor anyone else knew you wanted, I guess. Space Ninjas are coming to PUBG

You read that correctly - PUBG Mobile is getting some exclusive Warframe skins in a limited time event kicking off March 10. Starting then, players will be able to complete a set of challenges that’ll unlock some distinctly sci-fi cosmetics for you to run around and terrorize Erangel with.

You’ll have to hurry though. As is the way with these limited time events, you’ll only have a short window of opportunity to score these new threads before they’re vaulted forever. April 19 marks the final date for this crossover, at which point all the space ninjas will fly away into the void.

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There’s going to be a little bit more to this shindig than a few missions to complete, although we’re not quite sure what form that’ll take at this time. PUBG players will have to keep their eyes peeled and stay primed for new surprises coming in the coming weeks.

At first glance this stuck out as a bit of a weird crossover, with the futuristic sci-fi aesthetic of Waframe standing out from the modern military look inherent to PUBG. That being said, with the game featuring impenetrable pans and mystical blue killzones floating all over the place, maybe it’s not too much of an odd pull after all.

Nonetheless, Warframe players will want to open up their phones and boot up PUBG mobile starting March 10 if they want to show off their love for their favourite MMO in a distant world far away from their cluttered Orbiter.

If you're looking to catch up with Warframe, earlier this year they released one of their most impactful updates yet with The New War. You can check out our interviews on the narrative themes of that update, and the troubles of creating it through COVID now for a in-depth look at the MMO as it stands today.

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