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Warcraft characters turning into zombies, Lich King imminent

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Eurogamer reports that the world of WoW is currently undergoing a zombie invasion which is all part of the up and coming Lich King expansion's imminent arrival.

From the article:

Infected crates in the town of Booty Bay give players ten minutes to be healed by one of the healers of the Argent Dawn faction - who have conveniently appeared all over the world - before they're turned into a shambling Ghoul.

If you fail (or succeed, depending on your viewpoint), you'll be hostile to everyone and everything in the game except other zombies, and you'll get a new skill bar with zombie abilities, including the ability to spread the plague to other players.

Sounds great. Any VG247 readers turning into zombies? No. Don't answer that.

By Mike Bowden

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