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Walking Dead: Season 2 won't be 'nicer or kinder' because you're playing a kid

The Walking Dead: Season 2 developer TellTale Games has warned that although you'll be stepping into the smaller shoes of Clementine this time round, the harsh realities of its world won't be softened.

It follows the trailer for The Walking Dead: Season 2's first episode 'All That Remains.' Watch it through the link.

Speaking with IGN, director of episode one 'All That Remains' Dennis Lenart, writer Mark Darin and Telltale president and co-founder Kevin Bruner waxed lyrical on all things Walking Dead: Season 2.

They said that the game won't pull any punches simple because Clementine is younger and less-able than the first season's protagonist Lee, before adding, "Yes it makes us uncomfortable, but in the best way possible. Uncomfortable, yes. Hesitation, no. You play as this little girl, but the world doesn't care.

"At this stage in The Walking Dead universe, the fact that you're without Lee and that you're not a very physical, super-powered person doesn't mean that the world is going to be any nicer or kinder. The other survivors and zombies in general do not care that you're a little makes you have to consider things from a different perspective."

They added, "The way you deal with [the world] from Lee's perspective is very different than the way you deal with it from Clementine's perspective." The team suggested that because of her smaller stature and less-imposing figure, the world's human inhabitants will react differently to Clementine.

When asked to sum up The Walking Dead: Season 2 in one word, the TellTale trio opted for "trust."

Are you looking forward to getting stuck into the new season? Let us know below.

Via Polygon.

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