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Video: Splinter Cell Blacklist's ‘Sam Fisher at his best’

Sam Fisher made a return appearance at this year's E3, sparking the announcement of Splinter Cell Blacklist. VG247 rappelled in with the guys behind the green lights to discuss this 'blacklist' of theirs.

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Following on from yesterday's explanation of the 'explosive' Blacklist demo at this year's E3, here's the entire interview to keep you in check. With Nathan Grayson's vocal cords making an appearance.

Discussed Above, via the video, are subjects such as: Stealth, loud action sequences and the game's ever aggressive execution scenes - both cut-scenes and in-game moments.

Here's us hoping that they really do show us some 'classic stealth action' in the upcoming months. We want our Sam Fisher back!

Splinter Cell: Blacklist launches next spring on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

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