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Video game comes to life in live-action zombie shooting event

Australia is known for being the place where everything, from its wildlife, to its scenery and its weather, is constantly trying to kill you, and it seems the local video games are just as dangerous.

IRL Shooter, a production company who specialises in live-action video game events, is bringing their game Patient 0 to Sydney, after a successful run in Melbourne in late 2012/early 2013. This season has been updated with new technology and deeper game mechanics and storytelling.

Players will be armed with full-weight, customisable M4 rifles, featuring authentic sound, recoil, muzzle flash and an electronic scoring system. They'll move through a warehouse dressed up like a research facility, thanks to the crew's background in special effects, and encounter NPCs, both allies and hostiles, depending on the squad's interactions with them. And of course, shoot zombies with some pretty advanced AI, due to them being actors.

There's even a device called the Pain Belt, if you're game enough for it. This thing slips around your waist and administers a mild electric shock whenever you take damage - perfect for building up a tense atmosphere. Of course, it's optional.

If you live in or can get to Sydney Australia, Patient 0 sounds like a blast. Visit the Pozible page (the Australian equivalent of Kickstarter) for more information, or to pledge to help this become a reality.

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