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Venom 3 looks just as silly and trashy as the first two in its debut trailer, and I couldn't be happier

"Till death do they part."

A still from Venom: The Last Dance of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, half of his face visible underneath Venom.
Image credit: Sony Pictures

The first trailer for Venom 3 is here, and much like the first two films, it looks quite silly, a little trashy, and probably not very good, but that's exactly why I'm excited.

Look. I know the first two Venom films aren't particularly good, the second one in particular is a bit of a mess, but then it also has the titular symbiote (a great big hulk (pun not intended) of a sentient being) essentially coming out at a party full of queer people and being accepted just as it is. So, yes, I love both Venom films, and I'm very happy to see that Venom 3, or Venom: The Last Dance, looks like it also won't be an amazing piece of cinema. But, who cares when the film is fully leaning into the weird between Venom and its loser host Eddie Brock, particularly when the trailer's description literally says "Till death do they part." Eddie and Venom are obviously in love, and I'm excited to see that enough people at Sony get that.

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Venom 3 sees the pair of bumbling idiots on the run, hiding from what appears to be the army, or the government, who knows really (led by Chiwetel Ejiofor, who dons the role of villain this time round) because Venom is an alien and they don't like that. To make matters worse, more aliens from Venom's home planet look to be making their way to earth, though some of them are giant Ridley Scott's Alien looking monsters as opposed to just different coloured goo. Stephen Graham returns as detective Mulligan, still infected by his own symbiote, so clearly the events of Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be important. However, there's no sign of Tom Hardy's brief stint in the MCU having any kind of effect.

You might remember Let There Be Carnage featuring a post-credits scene that brought Eddie over to the MCU, but his involvement in the Spider-Man multiverse film No Way Home just ended up also being a post-credits scene, mostly just as a way to bring the symbiote into Tom Holland's Spider-world. The Last Dance also notably will be the last film in the Venom trilogy, though we might still eventually see more of the character from a potential Insomniac-made spin-off somewhere down the line.

Venom: The Last Dance is due out in cinemas October 25.

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