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Valve mistakenly swings banhammer at MW2 players, apologizes by giving away L4D2


Being wrongfully accused sucks. Depending on the situation, you could be looking at years in a state prison, loss of  job/money/life, or - worst of all - a permanent ban from the PC version of Modern Warfare 2.

Fortunately, Valve - whose anti-cheat software erroneously tossed good, law-abiding citizens in the slammer - saw the error of its ways, and set things right in the best and most sensible way possible: zombies.

"Hello, recently, your Steam account was erroneously banned from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This was our mistake, and I apologize for any frustration or angst it may have caused you," read a message from Gabe Newell to those who were given the boot.

"We have reversed the ban, restoring your access to the game. In addition, we have given you a free copy of Left 4 Dead 2 to give as a gift on Steam, plus a free copy for yourself if you didn't already own the game."

Apology accepted, Valve. If ever there was a right way to incorrectly ban people from playing a game, this is it.

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