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Valkyria Chronicles releasing in November, DLC TBD

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Siliconera sends word that Sega’s masterfully cel-shaded SRPG, Valkyria Chronicles, now has a North American release date.

Of course, since it’s a semi-obscure title, it only makes sense that Sega decided to toss Valkyria Chronicles right into the middle of gaming’s favorite enraged bull stampede: the holiday season.

Along with the ill-advised November 11 launch, associate producer Christopher Kaminski let Siliconera know that Valkyria Chronicles’ DLC won’t be included on the NA retail disc, but “no commented” out of confirming an inevitable PSN release somewhere down the road.

However, Kaminski did drop one interesting tidbit concerning the game’s script:

“We translated it directly. We wanted to stay true to the original. As a matter of fact we keep the original Japanese in there.”

Yeah. Bet Iron Man didn’t get that kind of treatment.

By Nathan Grayson

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