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US News Wrap, September 28 - What Happened Today

Lots of stuff happened today on my shift, and Johnny's as well - even if he was too busy playing the Battlefield 3 beta to bother speaking to anyone.

Can't say I blame him though. I'd rather be shooting baddies as well.

There's not too much going on over in my part of globe to share with you today. No funny anecdotes to share, or anything.

I did watch The Big Bang Theory for about three hours last night, indulging in my crush on Sheldon if that counts towards something exciting. That gives me an idea, actually. Next month I am doing my favorite movies as header images, so for November I will do TV shows. December will be books. I will do my favorite games in January, and by February, maybe my favorite pieces of art. Hell, actually, I may throw in shots from my various travels over the years in instead.

Who knows what I'll do. I am an enigma.

Oh, wait a minute. Something of note, sort of: I did turn a year older today. I guess that is something out of the ordinary, and possibly a bit exciting - well,  to the Grim Reaper at this point anyway. Not me. I am perpetually 23 years old, so I stopped having birthdays in my head ages ago. Don't give me any lip about it either.

See you tomorrow.

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