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See Unreal Engine's new real-time destruction tech in action

One of the great things about GDC is that it lets us in on some very exciting development tech that will inevitably end up in the games we play.

Epic Games in particular is no stranger to impressive GDC tech demos, or big news, and today's reveal is a new tech which Unreal Engine developers will have access to soon.

Called Chaos, the system brings real-time, "high-performance" destruction to the engine. Chaos will be made available in Unreal Engine version 4.23, and Epic says it can be used to "achieve cinematic-quality visuals in real time in scenes with massive-scale levels of destruction."

To demonstrate Chaos, Epic created a short demo in the world of Robo Recall, its VR shooter. You can see it below, and it definitely looks incredible. The main obstacle facing physics-based destruction is often the fact it's an incredibly hardware intensive effect.

If the performance hit with Chaos is not massive, we may start seeing it more and more in Unreal Engine games.

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