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Unravel - All Secrets and Collectibles

Find all secrets in every level of Unravel.

This guide will give you the location of all the secrets in Unravel, including a screen shot of each one to help you visualize its exact position in the world.

Finding and collecting all of the secrets will reward players with quite a few trophies, including No Stone Unturned, Eagle Eye, Get a Clew, Dig Where You Stand, Undaunted and Reckless. No Stone Unturned will be unlocked when you have collected all of the secrets, while the rest are for getting specific secrets. If there are special conditions required to get a trophy that is attached to a secret, we’ll be sure to give you the details to make it happen.

Tips for Collecting Secrets

  • Each level has five secrets within it. If for some reason you are using our guide and have found less than five, you’re missing something.
  • To see how many secrets you have for a particular level, approach the photograph for that level. The number you’ve found will be displayed.
  • Play and enjoy the game on your first run, and then return to each level with our guide in hand to snag all the secrets on a second play through.
  • If you're trying to get to a secret that is high above ground, tie some yarn to an anchor so that you can easily climb back up if you fall.
  • Secrets are commonly found in places that you don't have to visit. Look for out of place anchor points that don't take you forward.
  • To use USgamer's guide effectively, note that our descriptions for each secret are above the images we’ve used, not below them.

Thistle and Weeds

The first secret is found after climbing through the trees and passing the bird house. Anchor yourself on the branch to the right, and then lower Yarny to the ground. Pull the nearby thistles over and you’ll see the secret at the base of a tree.

The second secret can be found after you hop on the deck with the barbecue, table and lawn chair. Keep moving to the right, hopping over a brick and passing under some sunflowers. Pull the nearby thistles out of the way to see the secret by a barrel. You can also restock your yarn below the deck.

The next secret is found just after crashing the tricycle into the stump. Refill your yarn, then climb from one anchor point to another as you ascend the tree. When you reach the final anchor point that allows you to progress, tie yourself to it and lower Yarny down. The secret is buried in the rocks to the right.

The second to last secret in this level is found shortly after dragging the wooden block through the sandbox. Position it on the right seat of the teeter totter (seesaw), and then walk back up to the left. You’ll see the secret sitting next to an anchor point just a short distance above Yarny’s head.

The final secret of the first level is found after entering the dark themed garden shed. Push the tin can as far as possible, jumping on it to climb higher. If you then jump to your right, you’ll see a hanging flower pot with the secret on top. Jump to it and snag the final collectible of this level.

The Sea

The first collectible of The Sea is found as you are taking your kite ride. After passing the first two trees, guide your kite upward so you pass just below the branches of the third tree. The secret is actually found between the two branches sticking out of the right side of the fourth tree.

The second secret is found around where you see some pipes sticking out of the rock face. Make your way to the far right and restock your yarn, and then hop to the small rock sticking out of the water. You’ll have to quickly drop into the water and climb back out to snag this collectible.

The third secret is found as you reach the area where the waves continuously move toward you. Anchor Yarny and drop down, swinging to the left and grabbing the yarn to restock your supplies. If you keep on heading left you will find this collectible sitting as far to the left as you can move.

The second to last secret for this level is found after getting to the opposite side of the water with the waves. Drag the wooden block tied to the chain left, and then jump up and swing from the anchor point just below the dock. Work your way left and you’ll find the secret several anchor points away.

The final secret of this level is found just after you enter the boathouse. Climb as high as you can as soon as you’re inside, using the anchor points and pulleys to move to your right. Beyond the second pulley you will find the secret, sitting on top of a wooden beam sticking out of the wall.

Berry Mire

Players can find the first collectible of Berry Mire right at the start of the level. Walk forward until you find a tree with a mushroom at its base. Climb up the tree, building yarn bridges, and then launching Yarny up and to the left. Use the anchor point above you and to the left to swing over to the branch with the secret.

The second collectible of this level is found after you restock your yarn and take a tumble down some loose rocks. When you reach the bottom, climb back up your yarn trail until you see an inlet with the secret. Grab it and continue on your way.

The third secret is found when you reach a tree stand with a small hatchet sticking out of one of the legs. You’ll have to get into the tree stand, releasing the legs from inside the furnace. Push them to the left to force the secret out into the open where you can grab it.

The second to last collectible of this level is found at the broken down tractor. You’ll have to push the object on the roof of the tractor to the ground, and then push it to the left so you can cross the small puddle. The secret is sitting underneath the tractor by the back wheel.

The final secret of the level is found after pushing a metal container with a handle to the right. Hop over the rock and restock your yarn, then climb up on the closest branch to the right. Build a yarn bridge between the two anchor points and launch Yarny up and to the left. The secret is on top of the branch.

Mountain Trek

The first secret of Mountain Trek is found shortly after snagging some extra yarn and sliding down a steep slope. Grab the hanging anchor before you fall into the pit, tying some yarn to brace yourself. Lower yourself into the narrow pit and the secret is sitting in the center piece of rock.

The second collectible is found as you are climbing through the trees. After grabbing some yarn, make a yarn bridge to launch yourself up in the air, landing on a branch to the right of a bird house. You’ll see the secret sitting on another small branch above the bird house.

To find the third secret, you’ll have to locate and push an old soda can up two yarn bridges that you make. You’ll push it into a cave and onto the right side of a wooden log. If you look below the wooden log you’ll see the secret. When the weight of the log shifts you’ll be able to drop down and get it.

The fourth collectible of Mountain Trek is a major pain. It’s located in the mountain maze, and grabbing it will unlock Get a Clew. You’ll find it by dropping to the bottom of the maze and making a couple of yarn bridges. Push a rock all the way to the left side of the maze and hop up on it to grab the secret.

The final collectible is found in a box of firewood. Drop off the roof after grabbing some yarn, pulling the door open and dodging all the rolling logs. After they roll into the nearby water (avoid them by hanging from the nearby branch), head back to the empty box and grab the secret.

Off the Rails

The first secret is found shortly after the start of the level. Maybe a minute or two in. You’ll find yourself on a dock, and if you look below you’ll see the secret suspended above the water. You’ll have to drop a nearby log into the water and step on it to grab the collectible.

The second collectible of Off the Rails isn’t too far from the first. You’ll be on another dock, but this one will be broken, allowing you to drop down to a lower level. The collectible is suspended above the water again. Hang from the edge and swing to it, then quickly pull yourself back to safety.

The third secret of the level is found after pushing a wheel, then jumping a small gap and restocking your yarn supply. Once you have the yarn, backtrack to the gap (you’re now anchored to the yarn refill) and rappel down. You’ll find the secret near the bottom, and can then climb back out.

The second to last secret is found after scaling a gap, all the while dodging random rocks that are falling down. When you get to the top you’ll need to go left, but if you cross the gap you can snag the secret sitting on the cliff to the right. You’ll have to swing and jump to get there.

The final collectible of this level is found while you continue to make your way up the mountain. After stopping a rock from crushing Yarny, jump up to the right and refill your yarn. Backtrack and hop over the rock and move to the far left. You’ll find the secret further up the hill.

Down a Hole

The first secret of this level is found inside a barrel that has two other barrels propped up against it. Jump on the two barrels to move them, hopping back to toward the collectible to avoid being run over. You just have to walk into the last remaining barrel to snatch up the secret.

The second collectible is found after crossing some contaminated water using rolling barrels as a bridge. You’ll see the collectible on an overturned barrel at the opposite side of the water. Move right to grab a small wooden log, pushing it all the way back to the barrel and using it to hop up and grab the secret.

The third secret is found on top of a power generator with a light on it. You’ll also see a ladder. Climb on top of the device, pulling yourself up to an anchor near the light pole. From there, swing to your left and land on the ladder. The ladder will take you directly to the collectible.

The second to last collectible of Down a Hole is right after you see the holographic image of a worker. Drop off the metal debris to find hardhat. Move it, and then head to the far left (under the metal debris). You’ll find the secret sitting as far to the left as Yarny is able to move.

The final secret of this level is found in the box that sits near the backhoe. You’ll use the box to get on the backhoe, but must then move it to the right. When you activate the backhoe, the arm will swing, smashing the box and revealing the secret. Grabbing this secret unlocks the Dig Where You Stand trophy.

How Much is Enough

The first secret is found shortly after starting the level. As you approach some contaminated water you should have some anchors to latch onto. Do so, moving carefully to the left as you hang from several anchors suspended above the water, but under the rock. The collectible is all the way to the left.

The second collectible of How Much is Enough can be found as you start to climb out of the cave where you found the first one. As you sit on an unstable rock, use your yarn to snag a rock up and to your left, pulling it down. This will launch Yarny into the air and take him directly to the secret.

The third secret of the level is found shortly after you start walking on the power lines that can cook Yarny. Climb up and move to your left, building a bridge across the large gap near the satellite dish. Use the bridge to launch yourself up and to the left, landing close to the secret.

The second to last collectible can be found as you are finishing up with the very dangerous gears. You’ll come to a yellow platform that will launch you into the air. Hop on it, sailing upwards and then moving to the left. Drop down off the left edge and swing to the secret suspended in the air.

The final secret is near the end of the level. When you spot a desk with three drawers, open the bottom one and hop up. Next, open the middle drawer and again climb up and on top of it. The final secret of How Much is Enough can be collected from inside the second drawer.

The Letter

The first collectible of this level is found after heading inside from the snow. You’ll see a block on the ground, and you must build a series of yarn bridges that allow you to push the block up to the three lights. Climb up, then work your way to the far right to snag the secret, using the block for a boost.

The second secret found in The Letter is in the room after the last collectible. You must climb to the top right of the room, and then make your way to the top left. Push a can of paint to the ground, then push it all the way to the right. Hop up on the can of paint to snag the secret.

The third collectible of the level is found without too much trouble. You have to walk right past it. As you make your way to the top of the room that had the second collectible, you’ll launch yourself into the rafters. As you move along, the secret is found sitting in a bird’s nest.

The fourth secret in The Letter is found outside, but down and inside a well. Open the well using your yarn, then hang from the same yarn and slowly lower yourself into the well. You should see the secret sitting on the left side. Grab it and pull yourself back out.

The final secret can be found as you cross the last ice covered pond. You’ll need to break the ice and build a yarn bridge, and then launch yourself onto the branch above. Jump and swing to your right, finding the secret sitting on a branch on the other side of the pond.

Winter Sun

The first collectible of this chapter is hard to miss. As you walk on a branch shortly after beginning, you will be launched into the air. Grab onto an anchor point with your yarn, and notice that there is a secret sitting on another snow covered branch to your left. Swing and grab it.

The second secret of Winter Sun is found shortly after you push a snowball into the cave. Grab the yarn refill, then backtrack out of the cave. There are two anchor points above you. Build a bridge and launch Yarny to another branch. The secret is hidden just above your head. It’s very hard to spot.

The third collectible of this level is found after pushing another snowball into another cave. The snowball will actually fall into the water. Drop off the ledge (don’t fall into the water) and work your way to the left. It’s hard to spot, but you’ll run right into the collectible as you keep moving.

The second to last collectible can be found after climbing up a branch covered in snow, then swinging from an anchor point to a yarn refill. Keep moving right until you see a branch that is bent over to the left. Hop on it and it will launch Yarny into the air, causing you to snag the secret without any effort.

The final secret of Winter Sun can be found after dropping a large snowball into a tea kettle. Run and anchor yourself onto the deer antlers, tying yourself to it to keep from falling. Lower Yarny down and you should see the secret to the right. Swing to it, and then pull yourself back up to finish the level.


The first secret of this chapter is found immediately after finishing a ride on a rolling tire. Create a yarn bridge between two anchors, launching Yarny into the air to grab another anchor. From here, swing to the right and you’ll see the collectible nearby.

To find the second collectible in Rust, Yarny will have to push a tin can, tied to another tin can as far to the right as possible. You can then create a yarn bridge and launch yourself over the top of a wooden box and barrel. Enter the wooden box from the opposite side to find the secret.

To find the third secret of this level, hop on top of the barrel described in the last secret. Swing to the furtherst tin can that will allow you to progress forward. Do not go forward, but swing as far as you can to the left. The secret is on a broken platform, and is hard to snag because you’re approaching it blind.

The fourth secret of Rust is found in the garage with the cars and the giant magnet. Use the magnet to grab the car battery, moving it to the left and dropping it in the wooden box. The box will smash, revealing the secret for Yarny to jump up and grab.

The final secret of the level is found when Yarny enters the car crusher, and more specifically, the car. As you make your way through the car, find the secret stuffed into the dashboard. You’ll have to move the seat and pull the dash open to access it.

Last Leaf

Please note that there are no secrets in Chapter 11 - Last Leaf. However, you will have to complete it in order to unlock the No Stone Unturned trophy, as there are five secrets to be found in Chapter 12 - Renewed.


The first secret of the final level is found close to a fallen log, next to a stump. Turn back to your left and head to the nearest tree. If you swing your way to the very top of that tree, the secret will be hanging in mid-air. This chapter’s secrets are the toughest to get.

The second collectible of Renewed is found by standing on the same stump that we described in the previous secret. From that stump, swing up and to your right, all the way to the next large tree several feet away. The secret is about half way up, sitting on a small branch on the tree’s left side.

The third secret of this chapter is found about half way through the level, when Yarny is in a batch of small flowers, with a patch green leaves to his right. Swing up and to your left, making your way to a large tree. This secret is against the trunk of the tree, again about half the distance to the top.

The second to last secret of the game is found when Yarny walks up an old stump with a small puddle of water below him. Slowly lower yourself down, landing on a boat that will ferry you to the other side. You should spot the collectible at the back of the boat.

The final secret of Renewed is found by starting at the stump we described in the previous collectible. Swing up and to the right until you find an old tree. It grows out a little to the left, and you can find the final secret at the top. This will unlock the No Stone Unturned trophy if you have all 55 secrets.

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