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Uncharted The Lost Legacy Guide, Shadow Puzzle Solution, Shiva Puzzle, Ganesh Puzzle, Walkthrough, Secrets, Easter Eggs

This Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough and guide will help you find all the treasure, unlock all secrets, solve all forts and puzzles, collect all Hoysala Tokens and more.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is the first game in the series that doesn’t include Nathan Drake as the main character. Lost Legacy throws two series favorites, Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, together a new adventure. With Chloe as the playable character, you must search India for an ancient relic and solve numerous puzzles along the way. It's the kind of game that you're going to need a guide for, so it's a good job you're looking at an Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Guide and Walkthrough!

In this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy guide and walkthrough we’ll take you through all the game’s trickiest moments, help you solve all the puzzles (Shadow Puzzle, Shiva Light Beam Puzzle, Ganesh Arms), find all the treasure, and get your hands on the Hoysala Tokens. We’ll even throw in the odd little easter egg. Be warned, there are some story spoilers at the bottom of this page.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Guide and Puzzle Walkthroughs

Check out our other guide pages to get all you need to know to solve all the forts in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and the Axe Statue puzzles. We’ve also got locations for the Hoysala Tokens needed to get the Queen’s Ruby treasure finder.

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Climb the Tower and Unlock the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Map

When you first enter the large open Western Ghats area in Lost Legacy Chapter 4, you’ll see a large tower in the center the map. This tower can be climbed, and by doing so you’ll mark some key locations on your map. You can get by without doing this, but it makes things a little easier. Just walk around the base of the tower until you find a point you can climb.

Watch the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Video below for a guide to how to the climb the time in Chapter 4, The Western Ghats.

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How to Solve the Shadow Puzzle in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 5

In this section we'll tell you how to solve the Shadow Puzzle in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 5. One the the trickiest puzzles in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy comes in Chapter 5 and sees you having to create shadows on two walls that match the paintings.

Pressing a switch/lever will cause the column directly in front of it to tip, pushing all the pieces to the rear side. Placing the pieces in the right positions is tricky, but the end solution can be seen in the picture below.

Stand in front of the puzzle so you have to look over it at the gap between the two paintings. You should be at a point where there are no levers and the whole puzzle is in front of you. Now, starting with the lower left lever (the one directly to your left), number the levers 1-12 going clockwise. Now pull the levers in this order:

9, 12, 2, 9, 4, 6, 1, 10

If you mess up and this doesn't work, restart at the last checkpoint and try again.

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How to Solve the Shiva Light Beam Puzzle in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 7

In this section we'll tell you how to solve the Shiva Light Beam puzzle in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 7.

Once you’ve made it to the top of the giant Shiva statue in Chapter 7 of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, you’ll activate a light beam. This is the start of a puzzle, so grapple swing over to the other side and follow these instructions to solve the puzzle. All directions are as if facing the area, looking from stood on Shiva.

  • Go to the raise platform to the right, and interact with the broken statue. Nadine will suggest holding it up.
  • Turn the center statue so the light beam deflects to the sides.
  • Go to the left and move the state on the far side so it is underneath the ceiling plate - Nadine will help line up the beams.
  • No go to the far right and move the statue that’s on the collapsing platform so it deflects the beam up to the ceiling - Nadine will assist again.

Watch the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy guide video below for a complete walkthrough of the Shiva Light Beam puzzle in Chapter 7.

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This will complete the Shiva Light Beam puzzle and start a sequence fighting against a bunch of enemies.

How to Solve theParashurama and Ganesh Statue Puzzle in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Final Puzzle Chapter 7

We've got an Uncharted: The Lost Legacy video guide to walk you through solving the Ganesh statue puzzle. If you'd rather read how to do it, we've got that just below too!

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With the gang seemingly in a lot of trouble, it’s time to solve a puzzle to get out of hot water. Both parts are easy enough, but follow our guide and you'll solve the Ganesh statue puzzle with ease. The wall puzzle is just another spinning puzzle, like you’ve solve numerous times before. Make sure you match up a couple of rings at a time and pay attention to the edges so you know what needs to be lined up where.

The second part of the puzzle asks you to move Ganesh’s arms. The solution is to lower all of his arms. Move through the arms, lowering each one, and you’ll complete the puzzle in rather dramatic fashion.

Marco Polo Easter Egg in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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In a throwback to previous Uncharted games, there is a Marco Polo themed Trophy in The Lost Legacy and a neat little Easter Egg. Once you solve the wall shadow puzzle and make it outside again, don’t follow Nadine - instead had away from the direction you’re meant to be going and you’ll see a pool of water. Jump in and go for a swim to unlock the Marco Po-No Trophy and a neat bit of dialogue.

Is Nathan Drake in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy?

No, Drake doesn't make an appearance in The Lost Legacy, but this brother Sam does. While Nate doesn't appear in The Lost Legacy, he is mentioned a number of times when main characters Chloe and Nadine talk about what happened in the past.

How Long is Uncharted: Lost Legacy?

Uncharted: Lost Legacy is a shorter game than Uncharted 4, with an average play time probably coming in at around seven or eight hours. Lost Legacy doesn't feel short, though, and has plenty of items to find to extend your time with the game.