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Uncharted: Fight for Fortune, Sound Shapes composing tools hit US PSN

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is available today on the PS Store for $4.99 in the US for Vita. It will release tomorrow for those in Europe. It includes heroes, villains, weapons, and artifacts from Drake’s Fortune, Golden Abyss, and the motion comic Eye of Indra. The action-adventure turn based card game contains 100 cards and you can unlock more through expansion packs for $1.99 each.

Sound Shapes has also been updated with three Sound Packs and a Curved Terrain Pack. The Sound Packs each include five new instruments, five new Beat School levels, and five new Trophies for $0.99 each. A new vehicle DLC is on the slate for 2013, but expect a "little holiday present from everyone here at Queasy" in the meantime. The packs will release tomorrow in Europe.

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