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Two new Worms titles announced by Team17

Team17 has announced Worms WMD is in development and it will be released on to PC and Xbox One in early-2016. iOS users are also getting Worms 4 this August.


Both games will be shown and playabe for the first time at gamescom 2015 next week. It's Worms 20th birthday and Team17’s 25th anniversary.

Worms WMD feature a 2D cartoon-inspired worms and hand drawn landscapes, and new vehicles will be present. Players will also be able to enter buildings which adds new strategic elements.

Team17 will also be showing a variety of games other from their indie label such as Beyond Eyes, Sheltered, Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE, Penarium and Team17's own The Escapists The Walking Dead.

Moving on to Worms 4, the game features a new "enriched look and improved design" for mobile featuring smaller landscapes, smaller teams and shorter match lengths.

Players can participate in turn-based, synchronous real-time online multiplayer matches or play through 80 single-player missions collecting over one hundred weapon upgrades and duel across five different themes.

Worms 4 is due for release on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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