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Two early Awakened trailers plus 15 minutes of Hero


Is it morbid fascination with the deceased Midway and its not-quite-swansong Hero that makes us so interested in Awakened? Not, it's that is sounds bloody brilliant. Two trailers have turned up, in their rough-and-ready pre-alpha state, and you may gaze on them through the jump.

Both of these trailers come courtesy of Destructoid, and as the game isn't even at the point of securing a publisher, should in no way be taken as indicative of final quality. But you get the idea.

Underneath that, you'll find a 15-minute walkthrough of the canned Hero.

If you want to stare at some more things (and who could blame you?) check out the Phosphor website, where some early screens may cause sudden attacks of lust.

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Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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